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Cvent Access Portals are more than just a cosmetic upgrade. The data architecture on the backend is changing, impacting access to and reporting of legacy data. 

ISG can help design a transition and communications plan that ensures a smooth transition for users. ISG Access Portal Migration may include: 

  • An intro to Access Portals
  • Cvent account analysis
  • Recommendation for the best migration approach
  • Reporting for data retention/contingency
  • Project cost and timeline estimating
  • Project management and execution
  • Coordination with Client team(s) and Cvent (if required)
  • Transition, Training and Communications strategies and planning
  • Access Portal design and configuration
  • Technical configurations and testing in Testing (Sandbox) and Production environments

Schedule a Free ISG Consultation: 

  1. Review your current system usage  
  2. Discuss known project challenges and opportunities  
  3. Determine appropriate next steps 

This consultation allows our team to understand your business needs and the resources needed for your project. 

After your consultation, you will have the opportunity to lock your project into our migration schedule and plan for project kickoff. Space is limited. Due to these projects' complex nature, ISG can only manage 3-4 migrations per quarter.


To learn more, tune in to our latest podcast, Understanding Cvent's Access Portals, to hear M&IW Vice President and ISG Principal Consultant, Lisa Palmeri, discuss the technical needs of these projects, and how this platform upgrade will advance your M&E program.

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