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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the default event format from in-person to virtual. This shift has complicated the event intake process with new considerations, options, and data points caused by a less predictable planning environment. New complexities and shorter lead times require human intervention earlier in the process as well as a redesign of current automation business rules, some of which no longer apply.

An outdated or misaligned intake process:

  • Jeopardizes adoption
  • Causes some events to circumvent the process
  • Leads to erroneous or missing data
  • Diminishes the benefits of a strategic program

What's the Solution? 

Lisa Palmeri, Vice President and Principal Consultant of Intent Strategy Group (ISG), a division of M&IW, outlines a solution as well as the outcomes and benefits in Solving A Problem You May Not Realize You Have: A Reimagined Event Intake Process.

Download the white paper to learn more. For a more condensed version, download the one-page summary.


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