Interested in hosting a Holiday Celebration or viewing our Entertainment Library? 

Download our curated library of over 90 holiday-themed party concepts to discover what type of celebration is best suited for you and your team. 

M&IW Event Packages May Include: 

  • Custom pre, and/or post-event gifting, packaging, and shipping 
  • Managed email invitations, registration, and attendee communications
  • Booking and securing talent and technology vendors
  • Building digital venues, livestreaming, and hosting on-demand content 
  • Scheduling technical and content rehearsals
  • Managing activity production, polling, and Q&A
  • Presenter, stakeholder, and attendee support 

* Packages vary by complexity and lead-time. Most holiday experiences can be delivered in three weeks (pending talent availability). Most experiences are 1-3 hours in duration for groups of nearly any size. 

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